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WordPress is highly vulnerable to hacking attacks due to its large user base. A poorly maintained website can increase the risk of malware infection (hacking attack) by manifolds. There are several kinds of malwares and each of them can harm the WordPress websites otherwise. We offer security solutions which makes sure that the website never goes down & if it is attacked, we can help you restore it within 24 hours max.


Malware basically means malicious script. Such scripts are coded to affect the target websites on one of the many possible ways. In most of the cases, the malware infected websites are blocked by hosting companies or Google shows a warning in search pages, shows a warning page when someone tries to open the website, and deter the visitors from opening the website.

We can help you clear your website of malware at very affordable and onetime cost. No matter if your website is infected with adware, spyware, Trojan horse, worm, rootkit, SEO spam or any other kind of malicious script, we can help you get your website back to normal ASAP.

Our team cleans the website of malicious code within 24 hours max.

You pay only once for our malware cleaning services, no regular / recurring costs

  • In Google search, you see “this website may be hacked” warning for your website

  • A red colored malware warning page is comes up when you open your website

  • The anti-virus software on your visitor's computer shows up malware warning for your website

  • A quick Google search for your website comes up with lot of unrelated or Chinese language results

  • Your website host has suspended your website

  • Your website takes endless time to download

  • On opening your website, you are redirected to some other website


100% Malware cleanup

Be assured that your website shall be cleaned from all malicious scripts. We use a 3-tier process to clean-up which makes sure that your site is 100% clean.

Focus on getting your website back to Normal

We know that you want your website back to normal running condition as early as possible. So, we take all the necessary steps first that are required to get your website working again.

End to End Services

Once the malware cleanup order is placed & all the necessary information is provided, there are very rare cases when we need your intervention. Our team takes care of all the work, until your website is back.

Quick Response & Turnaround

All your questions and queries are replied almost immediately. The malware cleanup process is designed in a way that delivers the results quickly.

Experienced Team

Our team has helped 100’s of clients in cleaning up the malware from their websites. Be assured of the 100% positive experience.

Our malware cleanup service do not provide continuous security against future malware attacks.

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Best Quality WordPress Solutions

Years of experience in WordPress website development, helps our experts to provide best & intuitive solutions to your business problems. There are 100s of valuable clients who swear by our consultation and resolutions.

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We have an in-house dedicated team of WordPress developers and each website is developed in the supervision of an expert. The WordPress expert understands your requirements and provides you the best solution accordingly.

Communication Skills

Understanding the project requirements is paramount to deliver a great solution and to understand the requirements, communication skills are very important. We make sure that our clients are well understood and are offered best explanations.

High Availability

High availability of our team ensures that all of your questions are answered quickly. Our experts revert to new request within 24 hours max and regular project queries are answered on the spot.

WordPress Solutions for ALL

We provide solutions to all kind of businesses, no matter if you need one page website or an enterprise solution. We have solutions/expertize, and all we need is to know your requirements in detail.

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